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Should We Stop Saying “Merry Christmas” Because It Offends People?

It’s that time of year again when you start to hear people saying things like, Merry Christmas” and “Happy Holidays”, which is always followed by some type of noise from leftists about what is and isn’t politically correct to say.

The Atlantic reports, “A poll conducted earlier this month by the Public Religion Research Institute found 67 percent of Republicans  don’t think it’s necessary for businesses to ditch a Christmas greeting for “happy holidays”; only 30 percent of Democrats feel the same. Party preference was the sharpest dividing line on this question, but young people are also far more likely to prefer a non-denominational salutation (67 percent), as are black Americans (69 percent).”

Some are in the ‘Merry Christmas’ camp, while others are scared to death to offend someone, so they say ‘Happy Holidays’ just to play it safe. So, we decided to ask our readers which camp they are in. Take the poll below

What do you think?


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