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Recording Released, Room Full of Democrats LAUGHING at Death of Antonin Scalia!

Democrats have proven, yet again, that nothing matters to them but their agenda…not even the death of one of the greatest Supreme Court Justices in History, Antonin Scalia.

Simply put, whatever has to happen in order for democrats to get their way, that’s all they care about. They like to pretend they are the “bleeding hearts” of America, but the truth is, they are extremely selfish and some are just downright evil, particularly the ones you are about to hear on this recording

An audio recording has recently surfaced with a room full of democrats cheering and applauding the death of Antonin Scalia.

During a AFL-CIO talk by Ohio Senate candidate Ted Strickland (D), there were some disgusting remarks made that will make your blood boil!

Listen for yourself here…


Strickland attempts to save face by saying he doesn’t wish any harm on anyone, but it he had already made the disgusting remark, then compounded it even further.

How sick can you be?

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