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Obama Literally Admits He Violated The Constitution, But Signed It Anyway

Barack Obama is dead set on doing as much damage as possible on his way out of the White House, it appears.

On Friday, Obama literally admitted that the annual defense bill Congress sent to him to sign was a violation of the Constitution, yet he signed it anyway. Obama clearly should have vetoed the bill, but said that he would modify the way he takes action so that it fits the Constitution in the was that he sees fit. (wrap your mind around that for a moment)

Washington Times point out,
Mr. Obama promised during the 2008 campaign not to engage in issuing signing statements. He said that kind of behavior was a dark spot on the presidency of George W. Bush. But in the years since, Mr. Obama has become a regular practitioner, issuing more than 20 signing statements purporting to alter the way Congress wrote laws.

Over the past few weeks, the president has issued three signing statements shaping congressionally approved legislation, including one on water projects and one on fishing rights in the Pacific. In the defense policy bill, Mr. Obama lodged a long list of objections and described how he would carry them out in ways he deemed appropriate under previous laws or the Constitution.

The White House and its Office of Management and Budget, which is responsible for analyzing legislation, did not respond to repeated requests for comment on the signing statements, but administration critics said they constituted evidence of hypocrisy.

“These signing statements show the difference between Obama as candidate and leader of his party and Obama as president,” said John Yoo, who was the Justice Department’s lead lawyer on separation of powers issues in the Bush administration. “In the former capacity, he attacked the Bush administration for its alleged misuse of executive power. Once in office, he relied on many of the exact same practices to advance his agenda and arguably went well beyond any previous president in his use of power on domestic issues.”

This move by Obama shouldn’t surprise anyone at all. Obama has put his extreme hypocrisy on full display, but don’t worry, America! Obama has assured us he will make things right with his actions. What a joke!


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