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NBC Busted with Hillary Victory Results 48 Hours Before Election

We have been saying for months that this election is going to be rigged and Donald Trump has been telling America the exact same thing. What you are about to see below proves, once again, the fix is in for Hillary.

NBC has been caught posting election results showing a Hillary victory 6 days before the election. The entire thing is broken down on video below.

Kit Daniels reports, “Political activists discovered a hidden web site for WRCB out of Chattanooga, Tenn. showing election results with Hillary Clinton securing 343 electoral votes and 42% of the popular vote.”

“The web site originated from the FTP server of WorldNow, a media software company that provides real-time data – such as election results – and other media assets to local news stations.” It’s important to note that WorldNow does NOT have employees that did this. WorldNow is a software as a service, so an NBC insider did this:

Kit Daniels and Alex Jones breaks down the entire thing on camera…

Kit Daniels went on to report, The activist who found the page pointed out that the results align well with the “fractional vote” method used by voting machines to rig elections to a predetermined outcome.

“On election day, you will see the same percentages overall, with only the numbers that claim to equal them different,” the activist reported. “The difference in total votes shown on the station pages, with the same overall final percentages proves the election theft is automated to hit desired percentages, no one has to lift a finger during the election itself to accomplish the steal.”

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