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Macy’s Boycotted Trump…Then America Boycotted Them. They’re Closing!

Let’s take it back, all the way back to the presidential announcements. Donald Trump announced he would be running. People were surprised, but then he started to gain momentum. He crushed everyone, including Hillary Clinton and now he’s our president.

However, back in the early days of this election Trump said some “disgusting” things about Mexicans, even though his words were about Mexican drug lords, Mexican drug trafficking, the crime it brings into the US, and how bad illegal immigration is for the US. Because of these “disgusting” things (which are all stone cold facts, by the way, and aren’t disgusting at all), Macy’s cut ties with Trump.

Ever since then, Macy’s has been circling the drain, and their final 2016 numbers prove it.

Is it coincidence that Macy’s just cut 10,000 jobs, is about to shut 100 stores, and has lost tons of sales ever since they snubbed Trump?

To me, that’s no surprise at all. These companies try to virtue signal to the rest of the world instead of trying to just be good businesses and they suffer for it. Stop with the PC culture and just do work.

I, for one, hope that Macy’s continues its downward spiral. Anti-Trump is bad for business.


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