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John Kerry Just Stood Before America and Told His Biggest Lie in 8 Years


John Kerry and Barack Obama have proven to be the most anti-Israel duo America has ever seen, yet John Kerry stood before the world yesterday and stated that Barack Obama has been the greatest ally to Israel in American history.

“This administration has been Israel’s greatest friend and supporter with an absolutely unwavering commitment to advancing Israel’s security and protecting its legitimacy,” Kerry claimed during his final speech as Secretary of State. “On this point, I want to be very clear.”

LISTEN To Kerry say it out of his own mouth…

“No American administration has done more for Israel’s security than Barack Obama.”

Kerry stated that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “himself has noted our, quote, unprecedented military intelligence cooperation.”

“Our military exercises are more advanced than ever,” he added. “Our assistance for Iron Dome has saved countless Israeli lives. We have consistently supported Israel’s right to defend itself by itself, including during actions in Gaza that sparked great controversy.”

“Time and again we have demonstrated we have Israel’s back.”


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