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Hillary’s $600 Million State Dept. Scam Got Blown Wide Open By RNC has reported, “In 2008, her last year in the U.S. Senate, Hillary Clinton pledged she’d worked to “restore transparency and oversight to the federal contracting process.”

But soon after she became Secretary of State, with an opportunity to do just that, and failed miserably, wasting billions in taxpayer funds. From failed construction projects, wasted foreign aid, no bid contracts to cronies, and your dollars spent on everything from crystal stemware to buying copies of Barack Obama’s books, Hillary Clinton was a terrible steward of our taxpayer money, and can’t be trusted as President.”

From the report: In 2014, the State Department Office of Inspector General (OIG) issued two Management Alerts relating to the State Department’s oversight of contracts and grants during Secretary Clinton’s tenure.

OIG found that oversight failures by State exposed billions of dollars to waste, fraud, and abuse. Reports by OIG document de facto waste totaling over $600 million. Over $200 million of this waste stems from just two buildings alone. Additionally, an RNC analysis of random samples of the State Department’s line item expenditures identified over $9 million in expenses that could be seen as frivolous or excessive. During Secretary Clinton’s tenure, the State Department spent:

1) $450,000 – To send three comedians to India on a tour called “Make Chai Not War”

2) $53,004 – For “marble polishing services” at the embassy in Brasilia, Brazil during the summer of 2010

3) $630,000 – To increase Facebook “likes” on four State Department pages • $5,400,000 – For a no-bid contract for crystal stemware

4) $8,708 – On a DJ booth at the U.S. embassy in Baghdad in 2010 • $79,000 – On copies of Barack Obama’s books

5) $70,767 – For an “archaeological excavation” in Norway

6) $216, 328 – On an event coordinator for the 2011 Fourth of July party in Madrid, Spain

7) $125,000 – For art in Tijuana, Mexico in 2010 … in 2011 State would go on to spend an additional $139,500 for art in in Tijuana, Mexico

Under Hillary Clinton, The State Department Wasted Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars In Reckless Spending On Ill-Conceived And Poorly Managed Projects.

This type of gross mismanagement of funds is the reason our country has more debt than ever before and it’s never going to be fixed as long as politicians continue to run our country into the ground.

Read the rest of the report here…


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