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Hillary Just Broke a 100-Year Electoral College Record in Crushing Fashion

Liberals across America were desperate in their efforts to convince Trump voters in the electoral college to cast votes for Hillary Clinton instead, but it backfired big time.

Turns out Hillary Clinton lost more electors than Trump in unprecedented fashion. In total, Trump lost two electors (One to Ron Paul and one to Governor John Kasich), while Hillary lost five electors.
The Final Count:
8 Clinton defectors
4 WA (successful)
1 HI (successful)
1 MN (attempted)
1 ME (attempted)
1 CO (attempted)
2 Trump defectors
TX (successful)

Gateway Pundit points out,

Hillary Clinton lost more electors than any politician in the last 100 years.

Not since 1912 has a candidate lost more electors

Check out the list below:

2004 – Anonymous (Democrat, Minnesota)

2000 – Barbara Lett-Simmons (Democrat, District of Columbia)

1988 – Margaret Leach (Democrat, West Virginia)

1976 – Mike Padden (Republican, Washington)

1972 – Roger L. MacBride (Republican, Virginia)

1968 – Dr. Lloyd W. Bailey (Republican, North Carolina)

1960 – Henry D. Irwin (Republican, Oklahoma) 

1956 – W.F. Turner (Democrat, Alabama)

1948 – Preston Parks (Democrat, Tennessee)

1912 – Eight Republican Electors


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