Cell Phone Video Released of Officer Literally Writing Ticket For Offending Someone

Here it is America. It is now illegal to exercise free speech and you will be written citations for it. I wish we were making this up, but sadly we’re not and there is a video below to prove it.

On campus of the University of Texas, a man was written a citation for “offending someone”. The officer said, “We had somebody that was offended by the gestures you were making and that’s our job is to make sure that doesn’t happen, because these are students just walking in this mall right here.”

The officer was asked if offending someone is protected by freedom of speech and the officer said, ”It doesn’t matter, freedom of speech. Someone was offended — that’s against the law.”

When asked to clarify if offending someone is against the law, the officer said “Yes”.

WATCH the exchange captured on video below:

Since the video has made it’s rounds across the internet, the following statement was released:

“The University of Texas at Austin Police Department (UTPD) “chain of command” has fully reviewed the incident brought to our attention this morning, and has determined that the disorderly conduct citation issued did not meet the intent and requirements of the law, and as such, the citation has been voided. Our review further showed that the officers in training responded to a call for service in good faith and with respect for all parties involved, including the person(s) wishing to file charges as well those being accused. The department will use this opportunity to remind us all of the importance of safe guarding all people’s constitutional rights, of which UTPD is fully committed and obligated to defend. Currently, Command Staff has a call into the individual who received the citation to let him know that no action or court appearance is needed on his part. The patrol captain is awaiting his return call to clarify. Furthermore, a letter will be forwarded to the address given by the individual receiving the citation as well.”

Now, had this not gained the amount of publicity and virality across the internet as it did, you can guarantee this individual would have had to pay the fine and have the charge on his record, all because an officer decided to make up laws on the spot to fit his personal agenda.

NEVER roll over, friends. We have rights that need to be protected.


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